For international visitors

Hi everyone.
As you may have noticed this blog is focusing on visitors speaking German language. Since I put on interviews with English speaking experts in original language as well, I noticed that more and more international visitors stop by on this page.  To sum it up in short: This blog is about walking and running by touching the ground with the front of your foot first and not using the heel to strike. This is our natural way ov moving.

Unfortunately my time budget does not allow me to translate each and every text into English language and I am well aware that google translation is not a very useful tool most of the times. So I decided to add this page to the blog. Whenever there is a interview, video in English language or any info that you will be able to use, I will put up the link on this page. So you do not have to browse the whole blog anymore. Just bookmark this site and return whenever you like.

Buy the the way: Please check out my book "A simple Guide to the Forefoot Step". If you want to know more about it please click here.  

Wishing you a great time reading and discovering your natural way of moving.

Dirk Beckmann

people natural walking (Video) See Minute 1.53